Tools for successful build?

Wandering what most builders would consider to be

A. Must have tools to build a Wayne gasifier?

B. Would be nice to have tools?

Obviously determination and a hammer can do amazing things but in reality wanting to know about key tools to make job possible/easier.



welder, angle grinder

Welcome to DOW Scott.
I too am new to the site. So far from what I know, a good wire feed welder, plasma cutter is a good place to start. A plasma cutter isn’t necessary, a grinder will do. I’m too impatient and like results sooner. There are people on here that have reasonably priced plasma cutters. In my opinion, it’s worth the money one would spend in grinding wheels and all the time it will save.

Bill Schiller

What ArvidO said and add a 1/2" capable electric drill and bit set.

I built mine with a skill saw ,jig saw, sawzall, drill and a welder …If and when I build another I will be buying a plasma cutter for sure…

Circle cutting jig can be home made and probably the best cause it fits your devices. But most importantly determination and imagination ,how do I use what I have to get the job done

Scott S. hello some hand tools that I think you may also need.
Two hammers would like one cross pein and one ball pein
tin snips would like one left hand one right hand
wire brush
cold chisel
vise grips would at least two and some welding clamps
hacksaw would like power saw
10 inch adjustable wrench
soap stone and sharpies
tape measure
leather gloves
ten feet of rope
five gal pail
chair to sit on and think
safety glasses


Yip defiantly the chair !
It saves a lot of time !
And two tape measures, to measure twice and cut once!


Thanks for the information. I have most of what is recommended except for the plasma cutter. I do have an oxygen acetylene cutting torch but I am going to have to practice with it before being any good at all.