Transmission swaps

Will the tranny match up from a 5.2 to a 5.9?

Hi Loyd,

They are the same bolt pattern, yes. The A518 and similar are all based on the classic 727 Torqueflite transmission, with overdrive added. Even the V10 has a beefed up version of the same tranny.

I’ve got the 727 on my truck and will probably swap in a 518 to get that extra gear.

Hmm. Well yes same bellhousing bolt pattern yes.
But that is just the beginning.
The later clutch locking torqure converter transmission needs an external electronical controller to fully function. Through the mecahnical shift lever and cable you will only get the backup functions of park, reverse and 2nd gear forward. The tramsmission controler with exrenal relay array on earlier and the 1996 later powertrain computor in your case will want from 6 to 12 sensor imputs you currently would not be able to supply ChrisKY. Not impossible to do. But how hard are you willing to work for it?

In your case LoydS. Swapping a later 5.9L '99 engine into an earlier than '96 can sure be done. But you must know the smaller engined 5.2L were internally crankshaft balanced, the larger 5,9L were externally balanced and this weighting was then put out on the flex plate. A 5.9 with a 5.2 flex plate will shake your theeth out of your head.
Now also the 96 and later systems Needed a flex plate with an added on slotted tone sensor ring. These later trans bellhousings were cast holed or notched to accept a Hall effect sensor for the then needed cylinder identification information. Some combinations this tone ringed will not physically fit inside the earlier trans bell housings without locking up the whole thing. Pull bolting the engine trans sucked together in these cases preety much trashes the flex plate and oftem internally push force damages the thrans omput shaft driven fluid pump. Then somewhere in there Chrysler/Dodge changed their comupor system types again for higher speed capability to be able to keep up or jump ahead of the Jones FORD/GM and offer high speed traction control. They then changed the flex plate tone ring slotting distances and then even sensor types from Hall to a powered magnetic type to give faster more accurate crank shaft information. See these later model systems had to then calculate the actual indidvidual cylinder misfireing by bt EPA MANDATE by Not seeing the expected individual crank shaft increase in rotation due to the no power pulse.
Yes Mr Loyd later yeared Chysler transmission were a bit more durable. Some was internal mechanical modifications. More was computors with faster, more complex, revised software programming to allow the smoothest clutches and gears engagement and especially disengagement as possibe to decrease shock wear and tear. Too soft then you are into wearing slippage.
These are all things as a Dealer Tech I learned the hard way being handed towed in jobs others had “morphydited” (technical professional Mr OEM shop term) togather. This was a job asignment, new guy break-in, get tough and smart, or complain to much break-you-out to quit technique. For a working Tech these are all money loser diagnostic jobs you were never paid for and could not repair. Take money out of your mouth and off your families table with your unpaid lost never could get back time while other were making paid hours on standard works.

So really anything can be done. How much are you willing to invest in the time to learn the systems, make the mistakes, back up and fabricate, buy, source, wire in and program a work-a-round?? My life has become to short for this anymore.
ChrisKY you are young and smart enough to be able to set up a 12 sensor computor controller system with a 64 wire harness. Few others are.

GM guys will understand this is why you go back and use GM’s original 4 speed non-eletronic 700R4 trans for these kinds of Raindeer games on GM’s. So far as I know Chyrsler/Dodge and Ford never made an equivient interchangeable transmision for the old 3 speed slush boxes.
It would be simpler to play with rear differential gearing and then live with the loss of slow speed acceleration and from a stop take off.

Steve Unruh

Hi Steve,

In my case, I’m looking at an A-518, which was later renamed 46RH. This is a hydraulically controlled tranny and can be wired to run without a computer pretty easily, using pressure and vacuum switches.

The 46RE which came after 96 is fully computerized and lots more trouble. I think this is the one you described.

Here’s a few links detailing this swap.

Hey ChrisKY
Good job surfacing this information.
I like to learn new things.
I am sure many here will be able to benefit from these links.
Steve Unruh

Moved this to its own thread.

Thanks for doing this ChrisKY. Very appropriate.
LoydS I went back and reviewed your E-mailed question to me: A 99 5.9L engine swap into an earlier 95 5.2L chassis - can use the earlier transmission?
I think so. 90% probably.
I think there were maybe three? different externally balanced flex plates for use with the different 360/5.9L series of engines. The first for early carbureted.
Second for earliest electronic OBD I systems. And at least one, maybe two different ones for the 96 and later OBD II systems.
You will have to check this out with someone who would know 100%.
There will be a differnece in the computor control systems and some of the engine installed sensors doing this too. Be sure you have all of the previous 5.2L set-up availble for a swap over.
360’s are real nice and worth the extra effort.
I drove out to totally worn out way back when a 74 Dodge delivery van with a 318 V8. Auto Electric Shop I worked for on an overhaul upgraded it to a 360 V-8. Big difference. When we found out about the internally balanced engines versus externally balanced engines. It was my teeth and guts deep shaken suffered with this learning lesson.
Steve Unruh

WOW thanks guys for the information I had no idea it would be that complicated.
I was looking at a few trucks on Craigslist and some had bad trannys and some had bad motors so I thought I could pick and chose to build a beefy truck.
That’s kind of over my head at least for now my head is still spinning wish I had your brains!!
OK not sure what tranny comes standard with the Dakotas but sounds like a 1995 would be best choice if it had right tranny with a 5.9 motor is this correct?
Thanks again.