Treemobile, University of Utah

The folks at the University of Utah are really looking good :relaxed:


I didn’t finish reading all of that but I got one message out of it. When all else fails, go by the masters words. They of course had many ideas of their own but it appears they always ended up “Like Wayne Keith said”. TomC


nice looking truck there. hope they get it running as good as it looks those pellets have to be a problem I would guess its there tar problem and the cost of pellets what are they thinking . im sure wayne mentioned that

I wish I had more money than brains, , , , or just more brains.

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where’s the cooler ??? M

It is a school after all,they can save that class for next year if at all posible,maybe strech the leaning curve out too a four year study.

It looks like they broke open a bale of alfalfa rather than using hay. The alfalfa has leaves on it and these small pieces seem to be plugging up their filter. No matter how many times I look at their construction, I do NOT see a drain from the lower gutter. Do they even have a lower gutter?

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That hood would look nice on my old 85 chevy,hood scoops makeing some extra space for the plumming when useing undercarb setups.NICE PAINT WORK.