Trillion Gasifiers

Hi Guys!
I am James Tan from Trillion Gasifier. We are still in business :slight_smile: , and will be launching our own gas generator this year. Below are 2 links (limited for new member) to some our our latest video which have not been uploaded to Youtube. Have fun watching. Thanks.

  1. Merotai (latest installation) Dropbox - Merotai LR.mp4 - Simplify your life
  2. TG 30-1 with 20 Kva Gas generator Dropbox - Gas 16 KwTrial.mp4 - Simplify your life

Hello James Tan, and welcome to the DOW.
Could you please re-publish these up in a form that does NOT require giving up personal information to register to see.
Thank you
tree-farmer Steve Unruh


I just clicked on them and they came up Steve.

I get a message that says I need to login with a google account or another account. Probably just needs like public permissions.

There is a link at the bottom to just continue

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