Trying to sort posts

This color blind senior citizen is having trouble sorting the topics to get the most recent (“latest” per the bar) posts and replies. It seems like I have to pan down the page to get things to reload and with a phone dialup I get chopped off before I get to what I had posted only an hour before … If I hit latest I get something from days ago at the top of the list … Just my pet peeve for the moment but I just check in a few times a day and my connect speed has been low lately with thawing ground and the latest solar flare … I’m connected at 30.6 kbs right now … I can talk just fine to Mexico City on 10 meters … Regards, Mike LaRosa


Just click on the flame logo at top left. If you bookmark you’ll be right there to start with.

What you’re seeing at the very top are pinned topics. Once you’ve read them, you can unpin them:

Chris, thanks for the help but I will have to experiment some I guess. The screen is already way too busy for me. I always start at the forum because you have all my old links directed there. Starting to get busy here with the business … I tried to dig a hole with the post hole digger yesterday and got down 10 inches. Frost there was at 19 degrees … I’m trying to put up a flag pole… Mike