Turbocharging - sort of

I read a few posts on the pros and cons of supercharging or turbocharging a wood gasifier powered engine. While the general consensus was either type of boosted intake would draw down too much on the actual gasifier fuel, there is another way of using the energy from exhaust gasses.

Scania and then Volvo trucks developed diesel engines with a secondary or compound turbocharging systems that employed two turbos in tandem. The first was the normal turbo that used exhaust gasses to charge induction air and the second re-used those gasses to drive another turbo that sent energy straight to the engine’s flywheel.

This can be viewed here: Turbo-compound engines explained - trucksales.com.au

Yes, that got my brain occupied long time ago. Some guy had a woodgas/boiler and a turbo connected to drive a generator that way. I left the idea and it is easier to just use a Honda clone for some power.

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