Two 2023 DXF-10 Gasifiers for Sale (SOLD)

Ok I have a good deal on two DFX units for sale. These were discontinued last year and our client wants the VFX-14 with VersiFire system that is in development.

So I am going to offer these units as is. They will not have the wood fuel core, start up blower, hose system, mixer assembly, engine addapter, filter kit etc.

However they will come with water tank and charcoal nozzle. Other than a hose kit and filter they are ready to run charcoal. If would fuel is desired you can easily cut out an adapter plate and the jets / vavles to make an imbert.

$3000 for the pair or $2000 for an individual unit. You pay shipping or can pick up in person.

Contact me here: [email protected]


Ok one is sold already lol

There is only one left and I have to get $2000 for it.


Ok second unit is sold.

I have one other that is in parts I can probably let go cheap. But would prefer a buyer that can handle putting it together on thier own. I can certainly help with putting it together but this will not come with instructions.