Two Charcoal Gasifiers for sale

I have two Crossfire charcoal gasifiers for sale. Designed and built by OffGridPro.

  • Bottom lit updraft design
  • Steam injection
  • Three stage filtering
  • Output gas temperature gauge
  • CO Detector
  • Integrated blower with LiPo Battery and charter

Unit 1 - Original design with 1" diameter cross section for gas flow -
Unit 2 - Updated design with 1 1/2" diameter cross section area and a large fuel hopper for longer runtime
$3800 for Unit 1 or $4500 for Unit 2
Shipped from Eagan, Minnesota

crossfire-gasifier-385x385 crossfire-upper-platform-385x385 gas-out-port-and-water-drip-controls-385x385 UV-and-kink-resistant-gas-hose-385x385


Very clean looking unit. What have you ran with these? How long can you run on a fill?
Most of the people in this group are doers. I think Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist would be other good avenues to sell these units.


Are they automated? You know like an advanced AFR mixture system?

Edit: this is an inside joke. Todd is the one that made this code work, not me. I wrote the concept and core of it. But he is the one that got it to work. :fire:


Thanks Bill, it runs my 8KW genset very nicely. I have been looking for a bigger generator to find how many horse power the 1 1/2" can handle but have not found the right one yet. You can expect 2 hours runtime with the basic unit and 5 hours with the hopper - but of course that depends upon the load.


Hey Matt that is pretty funny and you got me - when I first saw your message while I was working today, I was bummed that I had let you down - not having automation on these units. Then to see you were joking is a good one. I was planning on adding automation to my unit but I found I didn’t really need it. After getting the air mixture set it didn’t need much for adjustments even with varying loads.
It was great working with you to fine tuning the automation - keep up the great work - it is awesome to seeing the solutions you are creating.


No not at all. If it weren’t for you I would not be anywhere near as developed as I am now. Yeah I probably should have included that from the start, I was hoping you were going figure it out. Yeah that is what Im finding with this little gasifier, it runs rock solid. But I think it will still have its place when I get into autonomous operational systems. They will need an electronic valve and since this code is developed might as well use it.

Cheers my friend Ill be forever grateful for the help :fire: