UK ford Capri on gas

Just came across a photo on yesteryear news letter i get in my email , thought you mike like to see , i then did a little digging and found a children’s tv program actually showing the car .

gasifier pic


I recognize a Villiers small engine. maybe an MK12.

Many of you are familiar with listeroids…
This is a Villeroid…

Its an interesting choice and the reason I bring it up, there are probably versions of this running on charcoal in India right now.
Its a cheater’s engine because as built it runs on gasoline but its intended to run of kerosene.
In India kerosene is high subsidies for use as cooking fuel ( to a lesser extent today lighting ) and its against to the law to use it as such.

So I would think there are plenty of these Villeroids out there pretending or actively running on wood right now.



Looks a lot like early Clinton 2 stroke engines from around here, and somewhat like very early Yamaha snowmobile 2 strokes as well


Villiers , Ariel and BSA 2 stroke engines were all vey common 2 stroke locally made engines where i grew up in Birmingham and could be had for just a few Quid still running on old lawn mowers and small motorbikes


They made some 4 strokes too.
The two strokes were far more common because of the scramble bikes and such…

We are showing our ages lol


But you might be well ahead of your time. One of the next videos was this 68 Thunderbird Fab 1. You might have owned one! :slight_smile:

Those are actually some pretty modern feature. I’m just waiting for the revolving plates and machine gun to be a standard feature. Not surprisingly is the top that reminds me of the Tesla model 3, gull wing door concept used in the model x, and the driver sitting in the middle like their semi. and judging by the size of the boot, it sleeps 2 fairly comfortably which is a feature of the tesla sheet metal wannabe truck.
The rearview camera and video infotainment system are pretty much standard.

I’m still trying to figure out the 6 tires unless it is because someone has to shoot both tires out in front before you lose steering, a handling/radius issue or just a design feature. at 22ft long it is about a foot longer then the 73 Fleetwood 75 which was the longest production car.