Unused Victory Gasifier. Paid 12k

Ok. A couple of years ago I listed this and went through incredible hoops trying to organize selling it to a guy from Australia (because he answered first) after a couple of months I was just worn out. This is a Victory Gasifier with a 3.5 KW Kubota Genset.
I want to trade for logistics. I have 2 Lister Diesels in the same storage unit in ILLINOIS. If you can get them to me in IOWA, you can have the Gasifier.

I just need the Lister Engines. [email protected]


Hey Rick you need to link this back to your original Victory Gasifier For Sale topic for the picture and questions and answers there.
Regards . . . ugg . . . I am still pictured there
Steve Unruh


I am some what close to to you. I might be able to help you.

Sounds great. Let me know how to discuss. RG

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Hey Rick, Did you ever get the Gasifier sold? If not let me know, please.

Please private message me, I would love to help you out I’m in Saint Louis, Missouri and have a truck and trailer!!


Ben K.

I moved the Lister engines for Rick. Real English listers he imported from Africa after they were rebuilt for him. Rick told me they were from the 1950s. They have Lister Petter stickers from a dealer on them probably from the rebuilt. The 6 hp single cylinder is a tad over 700 pounds. The 16hp is over 1100 pounds. I am sure Rick had a small fortune invested in the rebuild and all the moving. He decided to go solar for electric generation rather than the gasifier. I probably won’t have a lot of time till spring but I am anxious to try to fire up the gasifier.


Wow!! Very cool, good luck with the victory, let me know if you ever want to sell her!

Is this till for sale and if so what are you asking for it?