Upper cylinder oil?

Hi Group

This site looks pretty cool , thanks Chris and Wayne . I have finally drove on woodgas , charcoal gasifer , drove a whole 5 miles ! Top speed 60 m.p.h., think it would have done more but I was happy with that! Ther is still alot to button up on it , ball valves out of the cab and such:)
I have a question , running on straight charcoal , would i need to inject any lubricant to the gas for the upper cylinder ? I do not have a gasoline tank or carb. so I can not wash down that way.

Don’t think so. There’s no lube in unleaded gasoline. Perhaps you’re remembering the old leaded gas days when they counted on the lead to lube the soft valve seats. Those days are long gone…

Thanks Chris , It was a old Austrilian paper I think I read it in. How is your truck coming ?

Read all about it: http://driveonwood.com/forum/148#new