UPS brought me a gasifier

Well here’s an unexpected treat. This is why you should always be nice to Gary Gilmore… he just might send you a present.

The UPS man said this was the strangest package he’s delivered in a long time.

In case you haven’t guessed this is a Simple-Fire, Gary G’s latest creation. Looks like a quality unit, and I will be assembling it as time permits. Thanks Gary!!!

First photo, as it came to me. Second, covered in shipping stickers (can’t wait to burn those off…)

Third photo, peeking inside. Fourth, all the parts laid out.

Nice Chris. Now you have to make charcoal. Gary are you sending everyone one. I will drop you my address if you are. LOL.

Wow!!! Gasifiers for all!!!

Alright, last time this happened I was in 4 th grade, reached in my desk for some candy and popped it in my mouth. Mrs. Bogart asked me if I had enough for the entire class… Here is the situation. Chris is my guinea pig. He has proven himself as inquisitive and able to capture the nuts and bolts of gasification and put it in a form that we can understand. He put together this web site for folks like us to come and SHARE and LEARN for free. Yes, there is the premium member site, but still there is a lot of information given out for no cost on a web site that costs money to put on line and not ot mention his time to maintain it. Chris is also some what of a Rebel in that he got booted from two woodgas usergroups. Usually that throws a red flag up for me, but I have met Chris and really like him. And if that isn’t proof enough of his character, just talk to Wayne Keith! I see Chris as a mover and shaker and that is why he got the Simple-Fire in a can. I also want to see him run that Metro of his on a charcoal gasifier and am trying to lure him over to the darker side of gasification. Thats my story and I’m sticking to it!!!
Got to shut down my charcoal production for tonight.
Until later,
Gary in PA

Aww gee. Gary you’d better quit making my head swell up, I can’t afford a new hat.

Don’t worry guys, I’ll post lots of pics and videos. That’s how I’m paying Gary back for this opportunity. Only y’all have to be patient - I’m working on this book, you see…

Somewhat of a rebel - If you say so. Actually this site and the concept behind it is what got me “expelled”. One was my opinion that internet communities should be free to join. Other was simply asking other members what they wanted out of a brand new woodgas website - both moderators felt I was encroaching on their territory, and gave me the boot. I hold no hard feelings against either one.

Hi Chris,your Metro would be an interesting conversion to run on charcoal I am curious as how it would work if you decide to convert it.My brother has one and he loves that car but rust has taken a toll on the body. Small car with a small engine,but it sounds like Mike Ls Cavalier likes wood and does well on woodgas, even pulling a trailer.
Gary couldnt have chosen a better person to send the gasifier to good luck on your projects!! Ron L.

Hey Chris, we all appreciate all the work you do for us, Wayne and gasification in general! It was good to meet you in Indiana. Anything I can do to help you out, let me know. (we are practically neighbors-Breathitt Co). We appreciate all the guys that share knowledge on this site. I and many others were starved for WG info until we found this site.

what a great development. thanks to Gary and Chris both.
looking forward to whatever may blossom forth from this gift.

Hi Gang, The cavalier runs great on woodgas but the rear end of it is so rotten now that I can’t determine how much longer it will be able to pull the trailer before the rear end falls off. I keep trying to beef it up but it is a victim of the rust belt for sure. ML