USAPrepares, April 6-7 in Lebanon, MO Woodgas F250 and S80 Sawdust Gasifier

Ed and Franklin have been burnin brush and bustin tail, doing their best to put together a good showing for the biggest preparedness expo in the US, USAPrepares, in Lebanon, MO, I-44 exit 129, Apriil 6,7, 2013 at the Cowan Center.

Wayne Keith’s original woodgas Ford F250 460 cid will be there, and an original early 80’s model S80 sawdust gasifier designed by Raymond Rissler in contract with the Missouri-Dept of Natural Resources.

Both wood gasifiers must be seen to be believed.

The S-80 features fast starts and simple, intuitive user operation with minimal instrumentation using only SAWDUST, no petrol to start or power a home sized air cooled genset.

The Ford pickup uses a supercharger suction blower for fast switchover from non-renewable dinosaur bones to Mother Nature’s finest air carbon fuel cells.

When I first met them, not long before the birth of, Franklin was making clean flare gas from a hand held paint thinner can gasifier. Ed had driven his FEMA gasifier 79 4 speed Ford 400 cid pickup around town enough to be warned about the need for a muffler.

Whether you are a Doomsday Prepper, an advocate of 21st century alt energy solutions, working to keep energy dollars closer to home, or merely curious, I hope you will let anybody in the area who may be interested know we would appreciate them making some time to come by for a visit.

Inside the doors, for a small fee, are exhibits and speakers too numerous to go into here. Check and for the latest info.

If you can’t make it to the big one, USAPrepares, we have a small presentation (bring your own chair) in Humansville, MO (on Highway 13 between Springfield and Kansas City) on Friday, April 12. for latest info. Biochar will be a significant part of the discussion that night.

Hey Doug,

Keep up the good work!

We are proud of ya!

.Thank you kindly Sir Wayne for the words of encouragement.

Thanks to you and Chris for putting together HWWT. It is an awesomely practical handbook for hobbyists and fabricators of all skill levels. Also finding it to be a great conversation starter for those who have never heard of woodgas.

" . . . Mother Natures finest air carbon fuel cells." I like this. I want to work the hydrogen in there too. So . . . tweek this a bit.
“'Ma Natures finest air carbon hydrogen fuel cells!” (Proximate chem analysis shows a balance of oxegen, carbon and hydrogen molecules in wood fuels - “Wood: 'Ma natures original oxengenated HC fuel”, me)
DougB, I will cite you with promoting the use of these ACH fuel cells.

Steve Unruh

Wish I could take credit. Do I get some credit for paying attention?

Air Carbon Fuel Cells was a Jeff Davis original. He had a cool (to woodgassers;!) site, Hope he is well, the site is down.

On the gasification list hosted by Tom Miles, frequented by Tom Reed, Jim Mason, Doug Williams and other notables, somebody was talking about powering a tiller with a battery and an electric motor. Mr. Davis piped in with his air carbon fuel cells comment.

“After that I gain a new appreciation for the IC engine and air-carbon
fuel cell (charcoal gas producer)”. 1-23-2010 gasification listserv

Move to the Events forum. Sounds like lots of fun!

The more the merrier ;~) Starting to look like a few people may show up. Anybody knows Richard Uchtman over by Marshfield plz let him know. He is just down the road from the event and has been driving on wood a lot of years. I have lost his contact info and his turnip wine recipe. Would like to see him there.