Using Arduino to monitor? Easy way to capture the data to excel

I know there are 3rd party programs out there that assist you in capturing data from the Arduino to put into a spreadsheet for analysis, And I know that you can add an SD card reader to your project. But I wanted an easy way to get my data into a spreadsheet without the hassle of downloading some 3rd party program that might or might not come with some spam or spyware. I didn’t want to go to the trouble or expense of adding in the SD card reader for what might be a one time need to look at the data in graphical format, etc…
So here is my solution:

Pete Stanaitis


Neat! Nice video! I thought you could copy and paste it directly into excel?
You can also change the format of your output to comma separated text (csv), which might be is what I was thinking of… I thought you could also create a log file in the arduino interface, which you save and read in like you do with your file.

I haven’t used excel in a few years though. I switched to libreoffice.

It seems to be pretty popular to use mqtt and use esp32’s since they are cheap and include networking and work with the arduino interface. Then use like a Pi as the broker… But here is someone doing it to excel. it is in spanish, like I have no idea what he is saying. :slight_smile:


Yes, you can use the Data/Text to columns approach. But I like using the intermediate step of saving to a notepad file first.
Microsoft seems to move “Text to Columns” around in different versions, but “Data fromText” seems easier to find.
works fine either way.
The whole idea here is to NOT use any other resources.
And, of course, this ought to work just as well with Open Office.

Of course there ARE plenty of uses for an SD card datalogger. I just started one such project to help me track down parasitic current drain on my 2006 Town and Country van. One day I catch it at 18 milliamps and the next day, maybe 125 ma. I will record current while sitting every 3 seconds for at least 24 hours so I have some firm data to take to the repair shop---- again.