Using peat as fuel for wood gas generators

Has anyone tried to fill wood gas generators with non-standard fuels, as I do? For experiments, I tried factory-made pressed peat and this is what happened.

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I also use this kind of fuel. This is pressed straw and sawdust. The machine works well, but you need to be careful, as ash melting is possible. With this in mind, I try not to push the accelerator pedal all the way.


Good morning Joni and thanks for your participation on the DOW.

In years past I have used many different materials for fuel. Thousands of miles on switch grass cubes , broiler litter ( chicken shit and wood shavings ) and many other fuels .

I have traveled all over the USA with my partner Dr. David Bransby


At many of the events I was being asked of all the fuels that might be used . To get the point over I have said that a dead cat would take me about five miles :smile:

Below are one of the test we did with the gasifier . Keep in mind this was over ten years back and improvements have been made .

Thanks Wayne