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Hi all, i m new here but have been on Yahoo/groups/wood gas for some time and am based in the U.K.
I ve been busy fabricating a system with much help from Wayne Keith(this site) and Mike Larosa from yahoos site and am happy to say i have a useable wood gas powered truck, based on a 1976 Landrover 101 forward control. I still have some issues to iron flat but i use my truck everyday and am well chuffed with not having to buy lots of petrol to run my truck, just enough to start the engine and maybe a help up steep hills, as i can also run hybrid petrol/wood gas.
Theres been much intrest in my truck locally and have been requested to attend various shows last year and this and shall be happy to attend as much as possible as all are charity run events.
Last year at my home towns Vintage Steam Fair, i made the local paper covering the event, with little coverage of the other enterants exhibits…sorry all others but i dont edit the local rag!
This year i shall try and cover some shows further afield as i enjoy the relaxation and get chance to see what else is coming out of the wood work.
I guess i shall post some pictures as soon as its possible to do so of the set up so far and shall work on the bugs to get as good a set up as possible, but for that i will need Waynes book…so pull yer socks up Wayne!
I have converted my trailer to carry the fuel stock for my truck and the cutter that sizes the chunks for longer runs and it uses the exhaust gas to dry the chunks as i drive. Again, an idea that came from Wayne via Youtube with a little creativity of my own.
Anyway see you down the woods soon

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Good Morning Gareth,

Thanks for all the kind words.

When you get a chance put some photos of the landrover up on the projects forum and also would like to see your mug on the Woodgas Family Up Close.


Hello everyone, I have been interested in wood gasification for several years now and believe it is time to get off the pot. With the many uses, kits, and plans that are avaible I find myself drawn to Wayne’s method for the use with vehicles. I look forward picking away at his knowledge base and becoming a life member(m/o going out this week). I feel that the time to prepare for the comming day is with us. Yes, I am one of those prepper people you hear about. Food, water, security issues have been addressed and now it iis time to move on to transportation. Just being able to drive past the gas stations will be such a pleasure. I am located in northern florida just inland of the gulf coast. I would be happy to share any knowledge that one may have about self subsistance and living off the land…or water as the case may be. Also a big shout out to Chris for putting together a great website and means for like minded people to gather and share information, ideas, and plans for the future.

Harvest in circle

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