Venturi type mixer

This mixer was brought into the Hangout Friday night for discussion I believe by Henry.
I called them today and talked to Tim. Not that I thought I could afford one bought to invite him to the group and maybe he could shed some light on it for us.I told him there may be some interested in a discussion. He said this product are installed in stationary units. He also told me it was a coincidence that I called because the ‘boss’ was flying into Florida from Germany tomorrow AM. He said he will bring this site up in the meeting and the boss would be interested. I sent him a couple of links to walk around youtube videos. Maybe some commercial guys might be interested? Max?

You do realise that is a Metric mixer and won’t work with gas made in an Imperial restriction size gasifier…lmao

I used to service a Lister LPG genset in Australia that had a mixer on it that looked alot like that one