Video with Wayne number 2: extras and in-depth coverage!

If you liked the first, you’ll love the second!

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Swix and Travis

Excellent job Wayne. Wayne Keith For President!


“Wayne Keith For President!”

I’d vote for him.

Is the pipe that comes out the heat exchanger pvc or metal? Clay county Alabama transplant living in Texas Panhandle.

Hello Steve,

The pipe coming from the heat exchanger and the pipe going into the heat exchanger are both metal. I have some insulation on one of the pipes that might make it look like PVC.

Thanks a lot, I’m really fascinated at what you are doing. I’m a carpenter and I would love to drive to work and back on scraps.

I will start making signs tomorrow. Count us in for two votes!

HI Mr Wayne this is a really good video, thanks for sharing. The last part is good, I dont get involved much in politics, but common sense and just plain rational thinking I am always glad to hear. Thanks Again , Ron L.

I believe Mr. Keith is far too honest to be in politics…

excellent video.

So Mr. Wayne how many miles can a person drive before the tank needs to be reloaded?

Depending on conditions, I believe the V10 can go 50-60 miles, and the new Dakota was getting over 100 miles on a hopper.

The range will depend on a lot of factors.

On the Dakotas under the worse conditions about 50 miles, under good conditions around 100 miles.

Excellent! But I need to know the dimensions on the gasification tubes in the hot end of the tubes…there are pictures but I can’t find any dimensions. I’m converting a 350 engine. Thanks.


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