Vortex tube for cooling

Has anybody tried a vortex tube for cooling the wood gas and preheating air?

Hi Dave,
Played with them years ago… Don’t remember enough to be helpful.
Don’t know if we have the have the velocity to reap the benefits.
Interesting idea anyway.
Perhaps someone out there can do he math, might work with enough volume?
Have Fun!

I was thinking a rear mounted turbo might bring the velocity up to speed.

To clarify
The turbo would only pump air for the Vortex tube. I’m thinking cold side of tube to cool gas and hot side of tube to preheat air. This would take two heat exchangers. I have one on my cyclone now for preheat, would need one more for the cold side on the gas cooler. Does this right?

Hi Dave,
Unless it will work on high volume low pressure?
I think ur barkin up the wrong tree.
Think passive… when using waste heat.
In the Premium Section, Wayne uses some very effective methods for Heating/Cooling.
If ya haven’t signed up yet, you can save a pile of time and money buy doing so.
Wish I could have done so 3 years and 5 Gasifiers earlier.
As a hero of mine would say: “Thats all I got to say about that”
All the best
Have Fun

Thanks Terry
As an old racer I’m always looking for the racers edge.