Vulcan Gasifier M-1 for sale

Hi all,

I have a Micro Series I Gasifier up on Ebay if any one is interested. I am going to give a special offering for you guys here on DOW and knock off $200.00 of the base pricing. Any one interested send me an email here or via Ebay.

Here is the listing.


Hey Matt
Will you be able to make it Argos this year so we can see this in person?

I really really want to go, but my schedule changes daily. If we can we will be there :smile:


Excellent deal on a package system MattR.
I’ve certainly paid more for less.
Could you please remind us on the expected gas flow rates or engine sizing; and best wood fuel forms for this one please.
Steve Unruh

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Hi Steve,

This machine will run 5 HP to around 10 max, I wouldn’t push it any farther than this for practical reasons. We ran it on a 2.8 HP generator to see what would happen and this engine was just to small. We would get up to temp with the blower and perform an engine run and it would windle the temps down until it crashed. So I would recommend a 5 HP engine for the most practical application.

We have tested chipped fuels, chunked fuel and pellets. Pellets of coarse work the best in this small of a unit. We had good flow above the combustion zone with periodic grate shaking required. Chipped also worked ok but with periodic bumping of the hopper with less attention needed at the grate. Chunked fuels also work quite well if kept to a very small size but dense size. Again bumping the hopper is a requirement running this fuel as well.


Any intersts in this yet?

Yes it sold; however, we have another one in progress for anyone still interested. Offer will still stand :smile:

Matt, have you found if you mount the engine on the same frame as the gasifier that it will shake things enough to avoid any human shaking or maybe things will vibrate too much ??? I drive over a lot of driveway skirts to shake mine down … I hope as close as you are you will make the trip this year, yourself. It’s 360 miles for me each way … Regards, Mike LaRosa

What I found on my little tractor was, it did shake a bit too much causing grate clogging. Along with that came with too much ash in the pot to prematurely. The automation we build is very touchy, it takes a bit to tune it to the fuels used. But once this is set up the machines are very consistent. But fuels also need to be sized consistently for this to work.

One other note is our grate rotates instead of hanging inside the ash pot. So a different set up might work better in this scenario.

Yeah, its been a very difficult year, we’ve been busy but funds have been tight with development cost (manufacturing and product wise). However, we have ironed out all the issues we have suffered in the past for this year. Development is fully complete on the M-Series machines and the ES machines only have some manufacturing process we need to work out. This will be the first year I can work on development for future product lines instead of on the fly.

So my only hold up this year is funding, If I have I will be there. Ill make time to make it :slight_smile:


Matt, Will be nice to meet you if you can make it … It is a social and networking event in real time / real life … This cheap gasoline has decreased interest … Just the way it works … Everybody is happy and buying new cars half made in China and many other places … Bethlehem Steel shut down in Buffalo about 35 years ago … LONG LONG LONG story … I didn’t mind not smelling sulphur all the time but the whole area became depressed etc etc etc … Michigan has been hit REAL bad … So many talented people sitting on their butts so proud of medicinal MJ permits …
I was in Berkeley in October of 2010 … It seemed Jim’s greatest concern was his automatic grate shaker. I haven’t heard from him in years now … I saw so many things that could be improved but but but but …
Hopefully I can safely start burning again here … Again, talk in person … Hope you can swing by … Do you play an instrument ??? We try to play music and sing etc in the evenings … Mike

Thanks for the running info MattR.
Yep.Yep. Ran into the same thing engine grate shaking the “easy” engine way. One of those simple ideas with too many downsides for stationary power in real usages.
Only works if you then stay with the same fuel species, shapes as your grate grid was set up for. Otherwise I found too much flow packing made as you did; or excessive below the grate char fuel losses.
Ha! Ha! Really hard to turn off the engine shaking once mechanically locked/coupled in. Much easier to electrically activate a grate, when, and however long you determine an actual need.
And that then that gives you a wider range of fuel stocks usability. Wider range of engine gas supplying range too.
Steve Unruh

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Dear Matt Ryder,

Please contact us, we are interested in one unit wood gasifier for run 30HP engine.

Also, we need one wood gasifier unit for run 15HP engine
Email: [email protected]


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