Waste oil Gasifier?

Thanks Gary. I was now thinking about an oil drip added to the gasifier after reading other users posts about adding a bottle of oil to their fuel.
I’ve been away from the computer for a bit. I’m happy to hear You have done it before.

I have about a 70 mile commute for work one way. Also on my commute I encounter a large incline for approx 2 miles. Right now I have a little gas saver car (35 mpg) and it slows down to about 50 from 75 without down shifting from 5th gear. Or if I hit the hill at about 85-90 I can stay at about 70-75 all the way up.

I know I will lose 30% of my power in any vehicle When I switch to a gasifier. I’m not attached to my gas saver either. I do miss having a full size truck. I would much rather drive a little slower for next to nothing.
My father has a wood shop. There is usually some scrap wood there for fuel. And always sawdust. Sawdust would seem to burn to quickly…unless there is a way to compact it that isn’t too much of a pain. My guess probably not worth the effort. Does any body use it?

Is there a calculation for how much cubic fuel produces how much wood gas?

1kg of wood 15% moisture content produces 2.185 cubic metres of gas or there abouts

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Or…1lb of wood at 15% moisture content produces 35 cubic feet of gas


Now does 35 cubic ft of wood gas convert in anyway to gallons of gasoline?

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I would say 16 to 20 lbs of wood equals a gallon…more or less


Hello Ryan

Here is a link to a test we did a few years back



Hi Wayne,
That is one comprehensive testing compilation, very interesting and surprising. Thanks for posting.

My only suggestion is to incorporate a Thermo Cracker to a gasifier to crack the compounds down to usable fuels.
I am making a super sized version of this to use up my waste oil and get usable fuels out of it.
Not me in the video just for educational purposes.

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I consider ‘Mr Teslonian’ is a good intro to wood gas and has paid advertising for his edited videos.Questions will go unanswered.
Drive On Wood is real life shared experiences. Thermocracker included.


I personally consider him a quack… just my opinion…


I liked his video in that it was interesting. However, I think he uses a lot of energy to create a little energy


What Arvid said!!! (Plus more characters)


A vapor carburetor with oil will only work on engines with a very low compression otherwise the engine will knock.

How does a pure oil gasifier look on the inside could someone make a sketch?

i was wondering if you dripped oil any oil onto the pellet or chips in a cross draft down draft gasifier and burned it. it should give a lot more energy the kind of gasifier used in thrive off grid at number 573 the harbour freight unit