Water pressure tanks W bladder

Has anyone used water pressure tanks with a bladder ? I know there was alot of talk about propane tanks ect. Any input would be appreciated.I would like to cut the top off remove the bladder and use as a hay filter. The tank would be a good fit.

I cut one open after removing the bladder there was another steel devider in the tank under the bladder. I did not use the tank because I found some rusted through holes in it but I think it would have been ok had there been no holes and the extra divider removed.

Some of those tanks just have a few layers of baffles in them and store a bubble in the top (no bladder) … All the tanks I have been given were cashed in because they had rust holes in the bottom . I use a turbo tip with acetylene and a little bronze rod and that fixes that up and ash will soon fill in to plug them anyway. I just cut out the baffles. There are nice tanks that have the rubber bladder in them and they usually have an access port in the bottom to remove or replace the bladder but here in lime country they will not pull through the hole as they get stiff so I usually cut a large hole in the top and pull it out that way. I may run some water in to keep the rubber from catching on fire … ML

Hey Robert ,

I have used several water pressure tanks but none of them were the bladder type.

Like Richard , I think it would work fine if the divider was removed.

Cut it open,had a floating tank, different than I thought it would, looks like it will make a great filter. Just have to figure out how I will make the lid and seal.

Inside the tank.

A few years ago I came across one. Once gutted I made a really nice condensate tank out of it worked very well

Good Morning Robert,

I ran out and snapped these pics.

You might get some ideas from them.

The first pic is the hay filter. Water heater tank with a portion of a drum weld on for opening and sealing.

Second pic is the heat exchanger. Two tanks welded together to get the right height and a portion of a drum welded on for seals.

Third pic. Water or air tank (can’t remember which) for condensate.

Wayne thank you for taking the time to take and post pictures these will be helpful in development of ideas. I see three pipes on your filter are they 3" or 2" , and I am wondering if two come from the condensation tank or one, and two to the intake ? Also Do you have to manually advance the timing on your v 10, or does the obd 1 do all the adjustments there. Thanks

Hello Robert,

The v-10 has no distributor so there is no way to advance the timing. When I switch to wood gas the V-10 computer will advance the time 30 degrees above gasoline timing .

I can make the dakota timing go up 45 degrees above stock.

The three pipes you see in the picture are two inch PVC. I have three pipes coming out of the condensate tank going into the hay filter and three exiting the filter. The three pipes continue up near the front wheel well area where the three pipes are reduced to two pipes ( tight area) and own to the motor.

One foot note . I use a pair of two inch on the smaller dakotas .