Wayne Keith TYPE other than the houseings Gasifier REMOVED

Gasifier only no truck, $ 2000. Cash only.


wait? You aren’t giving up are you?

Just desided too keep my WK gasifier for heating a water jacket in spring and fall too keep smoke from my neybers, for heating my trailer. I would keep it in my truck but I am down sizeinf too a light 1\2 Ton truck fuel injected for better miles per pound and overall performance while on petro. And the version I built was a little too beefed up on the burn tube and all the rest,I went overboard on the weight a bit so as good for heavy duty truck only. If I keep by the shop I can also run my 4 cyl welder when built, and run the heat from fan too wood drying oven.? smoke free.


I have been driving my WK 2500 truck and caint seem too post vidio,is there a certain type vidio format too use or that works,just trying too post from my phone not utube transfer.

Youtube is the only way to post video, you can’t upload it directly to DOW.

Since the truck’s no longer available, I’m closing the thread. PM me to reopen it, if needed.