Wayne's barn

I heard today that Wayne lost quite a bit of the roof of his barn in the recent storms as well the roof over his sawmill. I would have trouble fixing that stuff at my age and he’s 5 years my senior. He keeps his hay as well as wood chunks in that barn. Lisa said Tally is off from school next week and should be able to help but if anybody else happens to be driving by, please give him a hand. Thanks, Mike

Sorry to hear of Waynes roof. If I lived nearby I would surely lend a hand(us old guys gotta stick together) :slight_smile:

Hope your making out alright there Wayne, just saw the weather heading your way today.

Hey thanks Jim ,Danny and Mikie.

When it rains it pours.

Too muddy, windy and wet to get much done today.

I turned on the computer at about 4;30 this morning and it was dead , also the phone .

I was just about to start tracking phone lines when the phone a PC started working again a few minutes ago. ( how lucky can one be)