We made it through Hurricane Patricia

Hi all… As some of you wood-gassers know, I live in Mexico, about an hour South of Puerto Vallarta. It turned out to be right in the path of Hurricane Patricia. We made it through unscathed. Roof is intact, and no major damages. We certainly had a few scary moments last night, and I have a new appreciation for Mother Nature, but we weathered the storm…

Dozens of broken branches (big ones) outside. I’m sure there are people in this little town that didn’t do so well… Will find out later today. I appreciate all the thoughts…

The silver lining was the candlelit night we spent as a family. I think we as a species lost something when we went from candles to light bulbs… Some of the magic was lost. We’re planning on doing it again… Storm or no storm.

I was ready to break out the gasifier if electricity was lost for any extended period of time, but as you can see, it was only gone for 12 hours or so. All is well that ends well.



Hello Troy ,

Real glade you and yours are OK. I was thinking of you when I saw were the hurricane was headed .

Thanks for the update Troy! Glad you all made it through.

Thanks Wayne. Much appreciated.

You too Chris… Thanks, and much appreciated.

glad it missed you Troy. Now that the serious is over never miss an opportunity to break out the gasifier!!! There are limited chances to earn spousal buy in you must take them! Glad you are unscathed.
best regards, David Baillie


Ha ha! Great point David!

Glad to hear you are safe. We were looking at the weather and they were calling Patricia the “storm of the century”. Candles are good in an emergency. Check out Paul Elkins’ DIY channel on YouTube.
Lots of free wood opportunities! God Bless You and your family.
Mike Reynolds, (newbie).