Website display issues

Thanks Chris, Also discovered in my profile I can click on likes and it gives them all to me.


Every time I come across a post with embedded video, all I see is a blank area of the screen where the video window should be, like the following:

Using Internet Explorer 10. This started happening about a week and a half ago.

Working here for me using IE 11. Don’t have a way to test IE 10 but it should work the same, anything IE9+ is fully HTML5 compatible.

Check your extensions/add-ons, it may be getting blocked. Try clearing your cache (Ctrl-Shift-Delete).

Just FYI…

We are aware of the blurry image problem on older posts. I’m working on a fix, it may take a day or two. New posts are working fine.


Thanks for the hard work you do Chris! This stuff is way over my head :+1: