Website display issues

Post any issues with things that don’t look right around the site, here in this topic.

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Sideways oval?

OK, now I see Internet Explorer is having an issue with the logo. Hang tight.

EDIT: Fixed. Thanks for the unintentional bug report!

Ha! Ha! OK Round now.
And I’d just thought you were going for a Ford oval effect ChrisKY


Hmmm . . . mine’s still oval. As a die-hard Chevy man once said, “Looks like they circled the problem.”

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Try clearing your browser cache. First press Shift-F5 to hard refresh. If that doesn’t work, Ctrl-Shift-Delete will let you clear the cache completely.

Is this fixed for you or still oval?

Sorry - fixed - just like you said.

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Known issue - Youtube embeds don’t seem to be working on Ipads. Can someone with an iPhone check if they work?

Video below:

No problem on my Iphone, sure wish Jay would come to Argos. And bring that car !!!


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Thanks Carl. Now I guess somebody else with an iPad needs to confirm whether the above video is showing up. If so, I guess it’s a specific problem to this iPad.

Works on my old android tablet too.

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The video works good on my chrome book :smile:

how do we know how many new post have been made on a topic and what ones have been read. thanks chris

You see those for topics that are tracked.

If you want to see be sure to see new, set the whole category to tracked. By default, you’ll see topics started within the last two days regardless, and you’ll see the number of replies to topics you’re tracking (either by posting or reading it awhile). All this is editable in your user preferences.

More info here:

The Leno steam video worked on my iPad.

What Happened to my blog? Did it get left behind? I have the construction one, but can’t find the old WOOD IS GOOD.
Also, just realized all my bookmarks in my browser from the old site now go nowhere! I guess I’ll have to start all over.

Hi Andrew,

Blogs are coming! They didn’t migrate automagically with everything else, so they have to be copied by hand. I’ll be doing that soon. If you want to get your stuff now, go to and start copying and pasting. You can look up your bookmarks the same way… I’ve been fixing broken links all over the forum.

It’s a labor of love guys…


Hi Chris…I can’t find my build thread. Can you tell me how to find it please. I can’t find Carl Zinns build thread either. I just don’t know how to use the new site yet. I got some pics to post if I can find my thread…Thanks


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Here’s your thread:

Here’s Carl’s thread:

The fastest way to find something specific is with the search. You can search on “carls gasifier” etc using the magnifier icon in the top bar.

You can find posts and topics you’ve made on your profile page. Profile - racer3g - Drive On Wood!
Easiest way to get there is to click your “R” in the top right, then click “Profile” on the dropdown. Or anywhere you see your name you can click on it.

So , A little curious about something. the first person who likes a post I made, shows up in my notifications who it is and everything. thereafter if more people like it, No notice and no way to know who else liked it. Is there a setting I can change or something to know all the people who like my Post?

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I think it notifies you for each like separately, I could be wrong though. In any case, if you look at the post it will say " 3 people like this" or similar. Click on that and you’ll see the avatars for whoever liked it. If you’re not sure who’s who, click the picture and you’ll get a user card.

EDIT: Just noticed, if you are LOOKING at the post, the notification will mark itself as read (it’s still there though). So, I see you just liked this post, and I did get a notification but it didn’t make a blue dot. That’s because I’m still looking at this post, and I saw the like first hand - it assumes you don’t need to be notified when you already saw it.

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