Website purge is coming

Due to a slight shift in plans, this beta site has to be cleaned off before we transition. Your content here will NOT carry over. All accounts and posts will be purged, and once the import is complete, you will be able to log into your old DOW account to continue posting.

“But Chris I spent so much time on my posts here already!”

I hear you. I’ve got even more posts up than you, trust me. We have a partial solution below. Just don’t write any further critical posts here. Of course, you can continue to post anything you like! Please do. Talk about the weather, ask questions, report bugs, etc. But don’t write any historical records, because it will not last.

The new plan is, we will take the site offline for a few days, perform the surgery, and come back online to a brand new site. Whereas before we intended to have a “transition period”, turns out it won’t work due to technical and social reasons. Starting with a clean slate is much better. All posts from the old site will of course be imported, along with your old account.

OK, here’s how to get your valuable posts out before the collapse of civilization… err before the beta test is over. :smile:

  1. Go to your profile page (click on your name anywhere on the site, then click it again inside the popup box).

  2. On the left sidebar you will see a button “Download my posts”. Press it and click OK.

  3. The system will PM you very soon with a message containing a download link. It’s a csv file, compressed with gzip. Using a tool like 7-zip, extract the file, and load the csv into Excel or any spreadsheet program. You’ll see all your posts, topics, and links to your pictures. If you don’t have the pictures backed up somewhere, follow the links to download them.

  4. Once the new site is up, you can re-post the same text, and all your formatting will be preserved. Photos will have to be re-uploaded. Note you can post the text into the Drupal DOW (old site) if you like, any formatting will be lost. As I said, all old DOW posts will be imported when we switch.

Just to clarify, this site will be the final one - get used to it! :slight_smile: All I meant was we’re cleaning off the existing posts to make room for the imported stuff. Sorry for any confusion!