Website thought

Chris, any thought of listing forum replies latest to earliest…with all the replies lately it takes a while to scroll through older posts to see reply…especialy on a phone.

Thanks and nice work,


That’s a great idea. The longer this site is up, the longer it will take to scroll thru the different posts. Many times I’m looking for the later posts, but I can still go thru the earlier ones if I need to. Hope this idea won’t be too much trouble for Chris to be able work his magic.

At the top of the opening page, if you click on the “What’s new” link (red-orange), it will display a list of everything new since you last looked. Took me forever to figure this out.


yes…but you still have to scroll through older posts if you have not looked in a while…

A page navigation menu on the top of the post would help a little too. Like the one at the bottom.

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Once you have clicked on What’s New at the top (don’t select from the drop down, but wait for the sheet that shows in red all the ones that are new for you…the ones you have not read); then click on one of those in red and it gives you the page with the menu at the top to select the First Unread or Last Post. It’s great and fast and just for you. Thanks so much Chris, you make it so easy!

Hi guys,

Yes there are several ways to get to the relevant parts quickly. One is by clicking “Last Post” at the top of each thread. One is by using the What’s New page, which takes you to the last unread reply.

If you want to link to a given post, copy the url called “Permalink” in the right corner of that post. If you want to see all your posts, go to your profile page and click “recent posts”. You can also see other folks recent posts the same way. If you’re trying to find information on a specific topic, try the search box.

I agree that the pager should be at the top, I will do so as soon as I get a chance.

Can you make the black menu bar stay visible at the top of the page. It disappears when I scroll down. And thanks for all the great stuff available to us here.


I keep thinking it would be nice to have a chart/ listing that correlates users here with their youtube names. Of course it should be on the premium side to protect their privacy.
To start off my Youtube channel is Tinkersdamnworkshop.