Welcome Dr. Thomas Reed

Hello Dr Reed
I have learned much from your books and articles.
You stick-to-itivness have been a real inspiration to many of us.
Rest assured now in use woodgasification has now reached forward into another generation.

Hey Admin ChrisKY; could you please rotate Dr Tom’s picture 90 degrees.

Thank You and Best Regards
Steve Unruh

Hello Steve, yes I fixed the picture.

Dr Reed, we’re honored by your presence sir!

For those who are wondering, Dr Tom Reed is head of the Biomass Energy Foundation, and did ground breaking research in the 1980s, was involved with the FEMA design, and wrote “The Handbook”, one of the best books ever written on gasification. http://driveonwood.com/resources/pdf-articles/handbook-biomass-downdraft-gasifier-engine-systems.

Hi All
This is a picture posting test to check out a reported to me complaint.
(Also a sneeky way to work in a Topic Bump)
Pictures are of 2200 foot high Bells Mountian just to the south of me. There is a world class steelhead fish and class 3 white water river between me and this mountain. Road along this river is the main access into our valley from the RH. It is at the morning fog/mist line.

Steve Unruh

Yes,Welcome Dr Reed.
I’ve learned much from you too.Thank you.

Pretty country you have there Steve U