Welding stainless exhaust

does one need a tri mix gas and stainless wire to weld stainless exhaust or is it acceptable practice to use a 75/25 mix and mild steel wire ?

Yes you can weld with mild steel wire. You will lose the corrosion resistance of the ss if this is important then yes you will need to use SS wire but you can still use the 75/25 this gas welds hotter.


Thank you Matt that is just as I had assumed. I think i’ll just fit, it tack it , remove it and either have it tiged or get a small roll of stainless wire. I would really like it to last.

Don’t forget to purge the inside of the pipe.

could you please explain?

Yes, you will get nasty, weak, oxides on the inside pipe if you don’t shield the inside using argon gas.This is also known as brown sugar. Look up Mr TIG on Youtube. He goes in to it in-depth.

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You could use a few ss rod and stick weld it, or is it cheaper too mig it with SS.You may need a ac or dc stick welder, i caint remember witch it is for SS.