What is the best scrubber for gasification of palm kernel shell

Hi ! My group is doing a project on biomass gasification using palm kernel shells to generate 5MW of electricity. This is an undergraduate requirement.I did some research online and the most common scrubber used is water. But a huge amount of wastewater is produced. Water also can’t remove inert gas like nitrogen. Can any of you suggest the most economical scrubber to be used? Is there any new application of new chemicals for this purpose? Thank you!

Hi Azlina,

You should read this and you will see that a wet scrubber makes the most sense and a water scrubber is the most economical. We don’t see any value in trying to scrub the nitrogen and scale up to deal with the power loss.

Your class should build a gasifier and learn hands on :grin:


Re: nitrogen.

Most of us vehicle users actually use dry filtration, due to weight and cold weather concerns. Settling chambers, hay filters, baghouse filters, foam filters, paper filters, cyclones. Lots of options for dry filtration.

I will also note that you don’t need perfectly soot-free gas to run a motor. Tar free gas is required, but that comes from good gasifier design.


5 MW is a lot of power. Are you running a small village?

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Haha…nope! My supervisors wants us to do generate that much from our design. But we are not gonna build the actual thing,just perform the simulation using aspen hysys. We need to pass this project to be able to graduate. But then again, biomass energy using renewable sources re the future. So, this project is very beneficial for my group as we gain a lot of knowledge about it. :slightly_smiling:

Thanks Jay! Unfortunately my group isn’t gonna build one. We just have to do the process simulation using aspen hysys. Thank you for the help! :slightly_smiling:

Thanks Chris for your input. I will look into that. :slightly_smiling: