What side am I on?

That’s shaping up nicely Pepe! We just got up to 20° today, thank goodness. You’re almost done. Then back to the wood gas.

Damn heat waves :o) … M
PS this ice on the ground here is real dangerous … Hope I don’t break a hip or shoulder falling … It’s sleeting right now … white roller bearings …
Global warming … Kiss my ars fat boy AG …
Pepe, hope you are doing OK… We haven’t e-mailed in years … Have a copy of Ben’s book here … System is plain Jane but he did a book !! I had 10 years of web stuff but it got vaporized so you know how it goes… Stay warm up there in the upper T…The folks up in Ontario have you beat in cold. I hope you get to fly from time to time. My friend Bob just died at 97 but was certified to fly until he was around 90. Just a damn good pilot and luck in the health department. I think he was our last WW2 vet here. I enjoyed flying with him and he remembered all the wood powered vehicles etc but would never ride with me in the local parades because he liked to drive his own tractors … Regards, Mike LaRosa

Hi Mike,
Yes its been a while. Ditto the global warming! Someone else mentioned the plain Jane about the book. Oh man, I hate the data wipeouts. We have a mega backup station, but it’s not auto. You have to plug it in and select what you want updated. A little pain but it is saved off computer. However it’s only as good as my memory. Geez, I haven’t heard the term upper T… in a coon’s age. You sound like a local, lol. I ran out of flying funds darn, it’s been a couple years now!
Take care, Pepe
I finished my siding today, yahoo!!! Fascia not bent yet. Probably a spring job, it goes pretty quickly. Thought I’d post a kinda before picture. I have a way back pic, but I can’t locate it

Hi Pepe, Now they can raise your taxes on the house :o) … Looks too good !! … Regards, Mike

That is one nice improvement for sure, that frog looks like its gaining on the duck. nice pics