What side am I on?

I left the gasifying alone for a while because I had to take advantage of the warm, dry spell to side the back of my house, the largest side, since the house is set into the side of the slope. It took me 50+ hours over 8+ days to finish it working totally alone. I finished at 1:15 PM Sunday and the rain started at 2 PM! What a lucky man. There’s so much that I had to do off just ladders over the top of the pump jacks. My Dad was a painter so I grew up working off 32 to 40 feet ladders real young like 15 or so. But at 72 I am dog butt tired at the end of the climbing days. Not only do you have to move up and down, but you have to constantly move the ladders sideways. The peak is 29+ feet high. The second picture is at the end of day 3. The siding lineup is real good. Now, it’s on to the front. The last picture is late afternoon in fall and still full sun in the picture windows. Yes, I still have fascia to install. Need to find someone local to bend it for me. I have 2 50’ rolls of 24" coil stock the same green as the siding. I’ll cipher out the bends and order it.

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Hey Pepe, are those the windows in the last picture that you grew those tomatoes in last winter?

72 and still out working most 20 somethings nice job

Yes Don, they are. I’ve tried several methods for winter tomatoes. These didn’t do as well as the trellised ones. I may bring a couple of hanging strawberry plants in just to see how they do here in NE Clinton Co., NY
Thanks Paul, I had a great Dad as an example. Nobody ever had to carry any of us. This is the house he was building on Simon Pond near Tupper Lake. That’s me and my younger brother.

That looks too tall for me and im only 55.Bet your glad your done up top. I like the last picture . The nice veiw of the woods,nice veiw.

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for the compliment. Yes, that last piece to the top seemed to take forever. Big glad. If you look through the clearing behind the framing you will see the pond. It’s only 300 ’ from the rear of the house. Those trees are all gone now and it’s lawn all the way to the water. Really nice view! We spent 8 months up there remodeling 3 yrs ago. Beautiful sunrises! A few pics of the beauty where I grew up. The fishing is good, too. These were mostly bullheads and a few large perch. Guessing at my age as 5 or 6, the old picture was taken in 1947 or 48.
By the way, it’s for sale.


looks like gods country. peacefull , good luck selling for reasonable replacment.land seems hard too find on craigs list,probbly not the best place too look for land.

What a gorgeous day this was. I was inspired to start siding the last side of my house. I set up 2 or 3 days ago just waiting for a day like this. Spent 5 hrs on the siding. My daughter lent me a hand getting started. I spent about 5 hrs today. Rain tomorrow and much colder the days after that. Now I can pick away at it.

Spent about 12 hrs getting to the top of the insulation. Now to rip and install 1x4 " furring 16" OC to match up to the insulation and finish the soffits and siding. The siding lines up real good all the way around. Another 3 or 4 partial days should wrap it up.

first impresions of sideing sure will make a big difference if selling.

Thanks Kevin. It’s an attention to detail taught to me by my father whom I worked with starting after school about 11 or so until after college. He was a well disciplined, no nonsense worker.
Put the siding off for a couple days due to weather, but this is all we got from the whole event. Blessed! I am in NE corner of Clinton Co, NY. Caught up on some shop work and reading. The forecast is 4 or so partly sunny days, highs 35-40, low wind. Should be able to finish it off.

Thats good looking detail. Cold sure locked in,supposed to warm up here in michigan. about 45 highs next 7 days from saterday anyway.Play it safe, going down too 11 f next 2 days, good too have wood too heat with.

It was pretty windy and cold today but I got a little more progress. Brought the siding up to the top of the insulation and ran the right soffit up as far as I could reach. Tomorrow I’ll finish the soffits and run the 1x4" furring up to it and install the gable vent. Then fill in the blank with siding. It was 33 today, but the next few days will be in the 40’s and 50’s with a slight chance of a sprinkle. Might be just enough time to gitter done.


Pepe, do you plan on putting house wrap on the gable under the siding over the osb sheathing? Believe it or not, vinyl siding is not water/weather proof. I have done work on houses that were only 8 yrs old where you could stick your hand right through the osb where it was rotten when water blew through the siding weep holes and joints.

Hi Don,
All the OSB on the gable ends has 2 coats of Thompson’s Water seal because of deterioration I’ve seen at other remodel sites. I didn’t use housewrap on the rear gable, but as a precaution I will use it on the front gable. Can’t be too careful. Thanks for reminding me. The interior of the OSB is exposed to very good air circulation in that huge space also, see pic. The insulation board also has aluminum faced waterproof tape on all seams.

I spent the better part of the day finishing the soffit, installing the last of the furring strips and most of the
water barrier. I climbed down the ladder as the first snowflakes started to fall. What luck. Just a few hours and all the siding will be complete. Have to get the matching fascia bent up yet. Darn, that feels good!
Whoops, forgot I still have to install the gable end vent.

Looks good Pepe!

That brings back memories Pepe. It is a lot of climbing if you work alone unless you are good at thinking ahead. Those pump jacks work good but can be scary sometimes. I made special longer brackets for mine that fasten under roof shingles so I could side all the way up. Have fun finishing up and be safe!

Bill and Don thanks for the comments. Don, I was able to attach the brackets to the fascia board on the 2 sides of the house. These brackets can only be attached perpendicular to the poles. The metal roofing wouldn’t allow me to use your real good method so the rest of the way up is all ladder work. I have 2 ladder brackets that I can use a plank on, but it’s hard moving up if the plank is too long or heavy.Yes the pump jacks are a little scary-move slowly ha, ha.

It was cold today 20 F, but better that the little ice on Monday. Man, my fingers got downright cold. Had to stop and warm them every 10 mins or so, but managed to get up to the point of installing the gable vent. Wed is a wash here, but Thur looks good. Should be done on Thur. Frame in the gable vent, don’t forget that last bit of house wrap lol and finish up the siding. What a relief that will be. I can’t wait to get back in the shop! What’s that, Honey, porch what??? lol! A man’s work is never done. In her defense, she has never complained about the mess or turmoil or asked when any of our home improvements would be done or how much they would cost. I know I’m blessed.