What truck to convert?

I am looking at the 2nd generation Dodge ram. I need one with the extended cab. What year on the ram does the computer change from obd1 to obd2? Does it even matter? The three possible engines 318,360 and the v10. do all of these work from 1994 to 2001? Does one have to do any special mods to accommodate the the later model computers for the 360 v8 and the v10?
Also has any one converted a later model Dakota 1997-2000? If so how different is it from Waynes? Thank-you so much. Chris Neff

Hello Chris ,

On this thread there is a lot of information and there are several more that I am searching for.


If you are wanting a truck for the open road the ram might be a little slow but good for short driving and farm. With the gasifier I am using on my trucks I would expect 50-60 mph if on a ram. If the motor is a v-10 it will be in a heavier truck ¾ ton.

The dakotas will run in the 60 -70 mph range .

Steve U has some excellent post on the subject that I am looking for.


Mr. Wayne Keith, this comment is off topic but I am just getting acquainted with woodgas and have yet to build mine, but i found an interesting article by the national renewable energy laboratory a division of the department of energy entitled, “Gasoline from Wood via Integrated Gasification,Synthesis, and Methanol-to-Gasoline Technologies”. This is a very in depth and comprehensive study. I glanced at it myself and saw some information regarding temperature control and cooling techniques that might be of interest to you. I looked under the section or gasification of course. I hope some of this is helpful to you as you are an expert in gasification techniques.

Here is the link http://www.nrel.gov/docs/fy11osti/47594.pdf

Hello Ben,

Thanks much for the article but it is way over my head.

Recently I had the opportunity to visit a university where they were building a gasifier to work with FT. It was very complicated and over my head . Also the price tag was three million plus.

The main factor for me with wood gasification is being independent but also I must consider the economics .

If I was working hourly wages I think in an hours time I could earn enough money to buy gasoline to power my truck about a hundred miles

With the gasified truck and a small investment in the equipment I think I can drive a thousand miles if that hour is put to preparing wood fuel vs wages.

If I was smart enough to do the FT, how far could I go on an hours work and what would the investment be?


Thank you for your quick response Mr. Wayne. I completely agree on time/cost ratio. I look forward to learning all that i can about wood gas and I hope to meet you at a wood gas convention soon.