What type of genset engine?

What type of genset engine (diesel, gas or lp natural gas) is best for a gasifier

please help pick out the right type of engine to start with to run a genset

Hi Arne,

I like the Honda GX200 clones like the 6.5hp, 212cc Predator. They are big enough to do usable work but will not eat you out of house and home and for $99 new on sale they are not a tragedy if you trash one while learning.

I am using this as a sacrificial generator:


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I also like Honda clones.


over head valve briggs and strattons work pretty good too.

Bargains abound at the Surplus Center:


Hello ArneB.
You have not said what your minimum kW/electrical need is?
If as your name sound you are EU region then I’d recommend as 50 hertz looking at member Dutch Johns recommendation:
www.woodgas.nl Micro Gasifiers

In all cases you will want a petrol/gasoline, LPG, NG based unit.
Skip the Net chatter/jabber about woodgas supplementing or converting diesel engines. A real get-lost-quick rabbit hole-in-your pocket there.

If you want more than 5 kVA electrical up to ~8 kVA, for the smallest I suggest an overhead valve pushrod engine in an aircooled V-twin by Kawasaki, Kohler, Honda in that order.
10 kVA then as the smallest a watercooled inline three or four cylinder also as an overhead valve pushrod version.

These all have been woodgas proven done now.
Small inline watercooled overhead cam engine been done now too. But if not an older style deep pocket combustion chamber “non-interference” type: but a higher performance “interference” type; You just have to be very, very tars and soots aware, and careful. (or: a quick bent/broken valve, repair wench’er)

Steve Unruh

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Hey again ArneB.
Now if you do happen to be North American based look here:
Compare the engine gen-set’s derating going from gasoline to propane, then to methane.
On woodgas engine unmodified expect a methane-like (natural gas) power.
Engine Modified you can get almost up to propane-like power.
Far easiest to just 2X the engine size from a gasoline rating and woodgas use it as is.
Steve Unruh