Will my truck work for wood gas?

I currently have a fairly high mileage 1992 Chevy 1500 single cab truck with a 4.3L v6 TBI engine that I’m considering converting, will this work for wood gas conversion or would something else be better?

Hello Mr. Hertzler and welcome to the site .

In many cases the vehicle you already own and have at your disposal are the best but personally I wouldn’t gasifiy it . I think I would hold out for a V8 in a truck that size .

I have a truck about the same size as yours that is rated about 230 hp and it is comfortable at 50-60 mph. I think yours may have about 160 hp… Also there are many advantages of going with a multiport fuel injection.


I converted the same truck, worked ok but wouldn’t win any races but would like to cruse around 80 - 85km/h, I then threw a 5.7L V8 in it and was able to cruse around the 90-95km/h mark. I’m sticking with the GMC’s for now and will hopefully be converting another 91 Serria with a modified 5.7L… V6 will work, but a V8 will work even better.