WK gasifier on a trailer

What are the odds that a WK gasifier could be built on a trailer custom made just for it? Would the distance to the engine be too long? (extra blower maybe) It seems like it could be used for a stable unit as well as hook it up to a vehicle. I’ve seen pictures of a bunch of them but they are all big and ugly. (No offense Mike :slight_smile: Seems like a WK on a trailer would be stream lined and very efficient. I’ve heard nobody kicking it around. ???

Hello Sam,

I see not problem with using the WK on a trailer.

There would be no problem on the extra distance from gasifier to motor. Maybe have a larger pipe to compensate for the distance. Also no need for an extra blower.

With a stationary unit there might be a better chance of bridging because of no road vibration.


I was contemplating this also, but there would be no exhaust gas pre-heat, could this cause the unit to produce tar from low temp?

Hello Henry,

Great to get to meet you in Michigan.

I am a believer that mounting the gasifier on a pickup truck is the way to go but if someone installs on a trailer they could also use more pipe and run the exhaust to the trailer to recover the heat.

I know that recovering heat should help with the efficiency and performance but I don’t know just how much.

Chris has not had a chance to complete the exhaust heat exchanger on his truck yet but has been doing a lot of driving.
Also Sean French in Florida is operating with out exhaust preheat.

If the gasifier is sized , fueled and operated correctly there should be no tar running without motor exhaust preheat.

Thanks Wayne,

It was great to meet you and Sean as well. It was a VERY informative day, answered a LOT of my questions/concerns.

I was specifically toying with the idea of a gasifier on a trailer for my Scion, seems I can get a metal intake for it after all. Just wasn’t sure how it would work mounted on a trailer without that pre-heat. But my 4-cylinder shouldn’t be pulling any harder on the unit than your V8, Sean seemed to think it would have about the same volume of gas use because of the high rpm’s it runs at and would work well with an 18" firetube.

I don’t mind pulling a trailer so it wouldn’t be a big deal to me, just pondering the details. In the meantime, I need to get crackin’ on this full size truck of mine,… so little time…

Hi ALL, Here in the salt belt, the exhaust heat recovery stuff is almost impossible. It is rare that we even get a year out of a muffler. The engine pipes maybe 5 years MAX. I can clearly see Wayne’s design on a trailer. without the engine exhaust heat recovery and extra pipework. The tricky part is the suction hose, flex joints and maybe a few small items. On my current trailer and car I do not have any sling filters. I have a water pump suction hose under the car to the engine and then some kind of rubber hose that Ted Carbone gave me in Kansas to flex to the car. I have it looped and it collects some condensation in it’s ribs. Car runs great on it. I easily take it up to 4000 rpm. I had my diagnostic tool hooked to it the other day and it would advance to 45 going down hills but under load it seemed to hang around 19 degrees. I will run more tests on it soon. I was surprised it didn’t go to 25 or so but the engine was happy and doing 4000 rpms at times. both fuel pump and injectors were off. I flooded the car in the parade when I was running hybrid. I stalled and the announcer said I had run out of wood. The gasifier was actually fully warmed up and I should have turned off my dribble circuit … It’s all a grin …