Wood Chunker on hardwoods

Hello Wayne, first off, great web site! Have you put hardwoods through your chunker? Would it handle a steady diet of hardwoods? I have Cornell automatic slab saw in my mill, but it will only cut as short as 12 to 14".

Thanks to you and Chris for all your hard work

Brian Miller


Hello Mr. Miller,

I can’t take any credit for the web site; it is Chris Saenz handy work.

Yes my little wood chucker will handle a steady diet of hard wood. I have cut hickory with it about the size of your arm (assuming your not too big a fellow) and it does well. If the wood has dried out then all bets are off. The wood seems to chunk twice as easy if it is green.
Just this last week I chunked a pile of strips from oak logs that had been down since our spring storms last year and they were dry. I waited until they were rain on before chunking. (Pictures are in the wood supply section of the forum)

In the photos below oak pile and a hickory pile.


Mr. Wayne, are some of the chunks in your pile approximately the size of a softball? Do you sharpen the rim often, or does it pinch more than cut?

Thank you
Brian Miller

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I think most will be about baseball size and smaller.

I put an edge on it when I made it but it doesn’t have to be very sharp.

If you have a pile of good green slabs you can make a pile of chunks in no time.


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