Wood drying time

Will do. For you guys without a chunker, what is your “dry time” on green wood that is cut to the correct size? I have a large pile sitting outside on some concrete right now and it has been out there for 2 days now. I think chunked wood will dry faster since wood really only dries from the ends, and the chunker opens up more “ends” when it crushes the woods cellular structure (which look like straws) so there are more ends exposed. In my case I am splitting rounds in a manner much like Herb H. is going about it, however no air hammer :stuck_out_tongue:

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Depending on the weather, saw cut wood can take a couple weeks up to several months. Last year I had wood cut in October and it didn’t dry until the next spring… kinda frustrating.

In a shed or under a roof with ventilation is very important. In Arkansas, it will sometimes try faster in winter (low, cold humidity). I pre-dried for H/W kilns for years in an old open sided chicken house. 30 days would easily get it to 25-30%

I have given up the chunker not for drying reasons but too many smalls running high vacuum a lot. so most of this year I have been doing the herb cookies and 4 way on the splitter and they for the most part go from a standing tree to the truck in a week that’s off the ground on a screen .

Try sharpening the blade some more. I have had it sharp enough to cut almost saw-clean.

Also, make sure to cut green wood, it splinters less.


Hi Paul M did you mean green wood dried in a week after chopping and setting on a screen too air out. I am thinking on putting walls around my grodge
wood burner too dry some chopped wood for winter on screen shelfs, baskets ECT. and leave door open too shop when not drying wood or warming up.

Wood Gassers,

Here is some of my chunky chip drying data:



yes kevin stump to truck in a week 1.5 - 2 in chunks spread out thin .I have mostly maple and ash few elm

your right chris on the green wood I cant count on getting it and being able to process it so I end up with piles of branches that my blade don’t like . on a side note a chainsaw and woodspliter I can use a whole tree top to bottom.

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Thanks for the tech info, it seems wood drys much faster when and after chipped or chunked and or even saw’ed,am sure this info will help all us wood gas closed system wood fuel addicts.

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