Wood gas efficiency, how to test diy

I reached into my deep pocket and did find an easy way to compare your gasifiers.

1:- determinate an amount of work to be performed; example: pumping 5000 liters of water to an height of 10 meters
2:- Calculate the energy needed to do that job, ( E=MGH ) E=50009,810 = 490.000 Joule
3: use 1 engine-piston-pump setup to perform the job
4: run the test on gasoline first, track the time and the amount water pumped in given time
5: check the exact amount of fuel used , compare that with the calculated value, this lead you to the engine efficiency on gasoline.
6: the consumed gasoline wil give the value- energy consumption
7: the equation energy consumed / time gives the power produced
8: try different types of gasoline, different settings untill you have the best setting
9: repeat the test with the best performance at least 3 times ( or just with 1 setting )
10: take the best 3 out of 4 and calculate the average

Now connect your gasifier and do the test with an measured amount of fuel.
start at point 4.

After test and evaluation, decide if your system is performing well.

Compare with your fellow builders and analyze what to do and how to do it

Chair your experiences.

If wood gas and or gasifying can beat the efficiency from gasoline or any other given fuel, then sky is the limit…

To the critics, i developed this test years ago, to proof the claims from the manufacturer, in equipment also currently in use with military forces USA.

To the believers, this is an valid , objective way to produce SSS numbers, ( Simple, Sound and Solid)

To al the builders and users of gasifiers, you are doing a great job
To the people who did al the pioneering and testing new system, my utmost respect.

To the wannabee’s and just talkers, stop talking, build it, gasify it and just do it ( was from Nike or from WK, not sure about that.)

Koen, we’ve already done this. During some extensive testing Auburn University did, they found Wayne’s gasifier to be 37% more efficient on woodgas than on gasoline.

Read the results here: http://driveonwood.com/sites/default/files/pdf/Keith%20Final%20Report.pdf

Hi Chris,

I did read that report a few times already. can’t find the energy calculation how much energy should be needed ( thats an theoretical value ) same as i proposed in my test setup.
The test as i propose is for diy, and is scientific valid in discussions( the results can be duplicated again and again). also for using it as an performance testing tool for the gasifier.
The 5000 liter pumped 10 mtrs up, is a constant given

You can even test the pump performance and or compare it with electrical driven ( e-motor) instead of gasoline driven.

I will post some pics from the equipment used. or to be used…

If the efficiency of gasoline has been beaten once, then that can be done again and again.

On the above efficiency test there were something not considered . The amount of slip char from the fuels tested, For the mobile gasifier to operate properly it is necessary for some of the char to pass through the system unused . This char ( biochar ) can serve as soil enhancement or be put back in the gasifier and ran more.

I believe if the slipped char had been considered in the test the efficiency would have been greater.

Hey Koen,

I just thought of a great test that would be sss ( simple ,sound and solid ) .

The next long trip I take 500 miles plus I will keep a record of the amount of wood necessary to get to my destination. I then will estimate the amount of hours it took me acquire the wood.

On the return trip home I will allow you to furnish gasoline and estimate the amount of hours you worked to purchase the fuel. ( just joking )

I believe i would have to work to long or that you would never end your journey if i must be able to furnish the gasoline :slight_smile:
(working what is that ?)

I am a strong believer that gasifying is more efficient then gasoline or other fuels.

I did re-read your figures from the analyses and i agree with you even further then the slipped char.

It is as you stated sometime before, just need to be done, …

For governmental purposes, i need to proof the efficiency from an gasifier system above a fuel driven, therefore i am building the small gilmore style and setting up this test equipment.

i will post some pics this week, keep ya posted