Wood Gas Fever!

I have the fever officially now… Now that I am getting closer with my build it is all of the sudden becoming more and more of a reality. I have made many other gasifiers of all designs before but never drove on wood. I keep thinking of the day when I fill up my hopper and light it off for the first time. What a motivator. I know there will be many kinks and forks in the road to work out as there always is, but I really think I will have them all ironed out by Argos. My wife is even getting excited about it! She cant wait to brag to all of her friends about the trucks fuel source. And that is saying something. Mostly to her the stuff going on out in the barn is just another “fling” of mine… But this has taken her by surprise. I cant wait to show people… The non believers, my family, co workers ect. I cannot stop filling my self with information from this site I am always learning with every historical post I open up. The DoW office hours that are recorded on YouTube are wonderful and I learn so much by listening to them as I work on my unit. I hope that you guys can still feel the happiness and joy that I have had the last few weeks and don’t forget that what you are doing is amazing. Wayne is the perfect person to have around too. Most inventors would be smug about their designs and not share their ideas with others but yet everyday he is here answering all of our questions over and over again. I am sure its very repetitious to answer all the “passer byers” questions with the same answer over and over again… And not yet has he or anyone else scorned them with “Use the search function!” like most forums. I have not ever been a part of such a friendly community of “un-selfish” people. I just hope I can give back to you and future drivers what you all have given me, the gift of happiness and knowledge. Some of the most important things in life right there… I feel like a child again.



Just change “wife” to “mother,” and this fits my sentiment perfectly.

Got the fever here also. Drove 5 miles to work on dino but it was 30 miles home on wood

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Happy cool fevers, i get those as i close on this project too.got a few truck loads of slab wood drying some what,suppose i need too cut them too size so they will dry / season quiker.Then again i know whare a huge pine is laying, just about all seasoned.cheers

Kevin, Nice weather lately in our nick-of-the-woods. Looks like its going to dip a little then go back up into the steamy 50’s.