Wood Gas Truck [SOLD]

Doug is hauling a motorcycle back with him and don’t have a lot of room for wood but maybe enough for 300 miles.

I suggest he drive a while on wood and a while on gasoline.

i live about 100 mi south of lake ozark just south of salem mo. if he comes by here he can have all the wood he wants… i have a bundle dry slabs at the saw mill, jim

Wow I am new here and if your thinking of selling another truck Wayne I am very interested as I have been studying the gasifier for about 6 months and would like to experiment with the technology!!

I’d love to see the truck if it is still available.

Good Morning Matt,

Sorry but the ole red sold quick and that was August of last year.

This is it’s new home with Doug in MO.


To bad he did’nt say www.driveonwood.com like 10 times on the news interview and the fact that Wayne built the truck to run on wood gas. Remember He got the idea from world war 2 ,but Wayne made it a reality for him, and cheap, only 2 grand!

Edit: Sorry,
This kind of upsets me…Give credit where credit is do. Also it saves him 500 dollars a year which would be four months in the future from the date Wayne sold him the truck. If you did not have to pay for gas it wood be far more then 500 a year. To fill my dads truck tank is 80.00 dollars a week easy! I can still hear my dad…another 80 bucks wasted to foreign oil.

Good Morning Chad .

Interviews don’t always go as you would like and a lot is left out to squeeze in info for just a sound bit. It is not necessary for my name to be mentioned , Mr Doug has help us and gasification and sustainable living more than anyone I know. Just from one of his interviews or articles our response to the website doubled.

Being a man of few words I can only say Doug is one of us!!

If the world was full of Doug Brethowers you could have the back of your truck loaded with hundred dollar bills as high as you could stack, parked on the street at night and sleep like a baby.

I bet you could sleep like a baby! I hear that many bills would make a petty soft bed…lol… point taken : ) Looks like the news reporters go a lot of the information wrong.