Wood gasifier plans for sale

Hi Guys , i am after plans for the truck wood gasifier. I have tried to get in contact with WAYNE KEITH , I guess he is too busy. I reside in Perth cbd at the moment but i am looking forward to set myself free from the rat race and heading to the country.
WILLIAMS WESTERN AUSTRALIA…I also have my father in law who live in the Seychelles islands and i think a wood gasifier powered generator will benefit him a lot on his farm. Looking forward for your kind corporation .thanks

Good Morning Desmond,

Welcome aboard sir.

I do get more mail and calls and visits than I can handle but Chris S has been taking up the slack and covering for me .

Just ask anything here on the web site and we will try our best to help.

Yes driving without gasoline is a big step from freeing yourself from the rat race.


Hi Wayne, great to get such fast response… I want to buy your book or plans that is advertised on your web site for $50 just want to know your paypal account so that I can transfer you some money… thanks keep up the great work…

Desmond, I’ve emailed you some instructions.