Woodburner for sale

Hello All,

I have decided to make available my state of the art, next generation, wood
burning 2003 F150 Ford pickup.

This vehicle was custom built to raise the bar in vehicle gasifiation.

Special equipment includes;

Low profile gasifier – hopper assembly. All equipment within bed, floor of
bed is uncut.

Low profile, streamlined cooling rack. No welds on cooling rack tubes.

Complete dash mounted digital instrumentation. All functions of the gasifier
are monitored.

Front mounted clean out door. Pull out ash pan for easy clean out.

Hopper lid designed for easy use, leak free operation.

Unique fire tube – nozzle design. Allows for larger fuel size, tar free
operation. Extremely good turn down ratio.
All materials used were new no second hand.

Modified OBD 2 system. Runs flawlessly on gasoline or wood gas.

This truck has been thoroughly tested & driven in all situations including
towing operations.

Truck Specifications;

2003 F 150 Ford Pickup. Extended Cab. 133,000 miles

Second set of 20" rims go with the truck

Changed intake manifold from plastic to metal (runs much better now)

V-6 engine. Automatic transmission with overdrive.

Power windows, power locks, Am/Fm/Cd, cruise control, A/C.

Wood consumption; 1 pound per mile average. (southern pine)

Top speeds; 75mph on flat ground. 65mph on flat ground pulling 3500lb

This truck is driven daily & is in flawless condition. Will satisfy the most
discriminating buyer.

Videos of truck are on youtube type seanfrench1 in the search bar.
5-75mph test http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bk6lYjULgAM
Sorry for the sideways video I was learning how to use a new camera :slight_smile:

Will deliver anywhere within continental United States

Driver & gasifier training available.

Bargain priced @ 29,995.00

Just shut the Ford down put down 110miles today and a total of 1,000 since I have been home running smooth. The truss plant is still producing 5-6 times the wood I need in a week of driving. The offer still stands anyone is more than welcome to stop by anytime I have plenty of wood. HWWT Sean


If one were to show up there with a performance vehicle, is there any racing wood available?


Down here we call the high octane fuel lighter knot it’s loaded with turpentine. Should work very well for you

Hi SeanF.
Post bumping to scroll off the trash until ChrisKY can bounce it off.
I’ve been wanting to ask you how you EMT cooler tube connected to your post upright manifolds? Weld? Or some type of sealable, available flange connector for these tubes?
Steve Unruh

Hi Steve,
I rolled my own slip couplings for the emt 2" the idea was not to damage the galvanized coating on the cooler with weld burning it off. So the 2" fits inside a tight coupling and held in place with a self tapping screw then silicone no.2 brand to seal shut. I have put that silicone to the test man it sure works good. Also the other reason for the design was if the newer trucks didn’t work out or get to complicated I could salvage all parts and move to another vehicle for further use.
Regards Sean

Thanks for the details SeanF.
I nominate your cooler construction as as the now run tested proven way to minimal weld (the posts and couplers) way to do it. I’ll be using this man if I may.

For pig and rambunctious critter transporting like teenagers better stick with the Wayne all-welded constructing.

Steve Unruh

Oh Steve,
You crack me up on that one!!! You go boy use it all you want, sure can save one a lot of time welding.
I don’t drive the terrain like Wayne does but we have high speed dirt roads here 55mph and I will drive those no problem.
I am short on pigs and teenagers but I will put that one one the list. Regards Sean

Just shut the ford down put down another 300miles so far this week running smooth. HWWT Sean