Woodgas bus movie

The Longest 100 Miles, 1967 movie featuring a woodgas bus. It’s on Youtube now.
I think they have a TLUD gasifier. Draw your own conclusions as to accuracy, but, since hollywood movies about woodgas are rare, I thought you might be interested.

Part 1

Part 2

Best scenes showing the system:
Part 1
16:09 Priest offers the bus
18:10-18:45 coconuts
19:05 Install engine
19:50 Parts begin to arrive
29:45 Making charcoal?
30:05 Assembly begins
38:10 Loading fuel
38:50 lighting up
Whoops! View of the engine when running with no visible sign of
woodgas coming in to carb. Let’s hope it comes in below carb?
41:40 Engine start

Part 2
00:05 on the road, running on woodgas (coconut husk or hull charcoal?
00:56, 2:16, 2:23, 3:58, 41:42, 46:30

Pete Stanaitis

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wondering if they made it to the plane good flick

Yes, they did make it to the plane, but the main character stayed to help the locals, I think.


Any progress on your Toyota ? Sure looked good at Argos.

Peter C, I suspect you’re thinking of David Siedschlag.

Chris, You are correct!! Ok, same question to David S.

David S is working on his ash dump door. He had his grate held up in place by a spring and it must have got too hot and lost it’s temper and sagged. I suggested just using a piece of pipe in it’s place. Hope he gets it all rebuilt soon. I call him up and bug him from time to time. I had a backfire when I got home last night and it blew the pipe out of my mixer. Had to put new duct tape on it … Regards, Mike LaRosa

Hi Mike,

How come Dave S. does not have a thread or talk to us?? ---- Shy?? ---- Really would like to see more of that Toyota.

Keep forgetting to respond to this last comment. I am not shy just extremely busy this time of year with my business. I have the gasifier torn down right now to modify the ash dump door. I have it partly done. I also probably need to change my grate from the rotating style I was trying to use to something else. The spring didn’t take the heat, and it was the key to keeping my seal seated. I will more than likely switch to the wobble motor concept. I didn’t know how I would make that work with the shallow ash pan I have, but today I got an idea from a fellow wood gasser that called. So that is where I am at. Not sure what else you would want to see on my little truck. Yours pretty much would have mine beat at any “artistic” show! ;o) !!!
David S