Woodgas Calendar

Howdy All,
With all the cool Cars/Trucks being built…
Got me thinking about a Woodgas Calender.
Argos would be perfect for some awesome photo ops
What do ya’ll think?

Yea Terry, That would be cool .

Terry, that’s a great idea! I think we need about 100 months in the year though… how would you pick?

There’s a lot of decent pics from last year posted here, if someone is looking for ideas. https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/gallery/covdgn3aol8svm59qpgukc8lff8

Howdy Chris,
Let the people vote, Start a thread for nominations, take the top dozen and go with that… Have cut off date for each year
There’s lots of Woodgas Creations out there… I’m thinking DOW is going to around a while. Sooner or later most everybody will get a shot.
Something like that?

PS if ya had this years ready for Argos… You would probably sell at least a dozen :slight_smile:

OK, folks, we can do this! Step right up… Nominate your favorite woodgas photos. Yes you can pick more than one. The simplest way to vote is to “like” or +1 the photo right in the album. Photos with the most likes win!

(For photos not in the album / this method doesn’t work for you, just comment below.)


Chris I hope I did that right . I put a vote in for Ron Lemlers tractor

Yep, that’s the way…

Is this a 2014 or a 2015 calendar? Or half and half? Can we move New Years Day to May? :slight_smile:

Looking around, if we print at least 25 they will be under $10.

Went to the Google page… And did my bit.
First one that came to mind that wasn’t there.

Herb’s Cadillac
I’m focusing on runners
More to come

Hi Chris
Sorry how do I see the photos in the album?
Thanks Patrick

Can we pick from member’s builds that aren’t in the pictures you have provided? I too don’t see Herb’s car in there. There are also builds people have done that have great attention to detail even in the installation of their fins and other internals we can’t see. I believe Henry has the most picture perfect firetube with fins I’ve seen on this site. Sorry Henry, not taking away from the rest of your build but have that firetube picture stuck in my head.

Bill S

Sure, pick anything you like. What I posted is just a handy collection. If you have others you want to vote for post them here.

Let’s stick to exterior photos of full gasifiers/vehicles, there’s too much proprietary info inside these things.

Patrick, what do you get at this link? Might need to be logged into a Google account?


Hello Chris ,

I’m not sure a 12 month year is going to be enough . For every 12 pictures I can think of there a dozens more just as deserving . What about putting several smaller pictures per page . There is no way we could leave Patricks saw mill out or Koens hot rod. and many many others .

What do yall think about every member offering his best picture of his vehicle or project and have them in the calender . They will be smaller but no one will be left out .

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I guess what I’m saying is not needing the pictures of the build but knowing what they have in there even their vehicle may not be top shelf such as Patrick’s or Arvid and others

The only pictures I would have of the Caddy are the ones on my thread, I don’t know how to move them, would you? Thanks, herb

I didn’t see a good shot of Mike L’s trailer and truck
Herb’s Caddy
Don’t forget something from Sean F
Davids Toyota needs to be on there
Ron’s truck and tractor
Patricks sawmill
Koens bike
Gary Gilmores simple fire
Dutch Johns truck
Lots more


I will buy one!

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