Woodgas Driver's Survey

By request from a member here, I’m taking a survey. Please fill out the form if you drive a woodgas vehicle (or operate a woodgas generator).

One of the questions is your compression; if you haven’t tested it we strongly encourage you to do so. It will help us establish a baseline across the board.

If you can think of another question that should be asked, please post it below.

Chris, If I had just one woodgas car or truck I could fill it out. I tacked my new grate together today. It was 20 below this morning and I had to thaw some pipes at the house. Water is coming into the house from the Village between 29 and 31 degrees so I have to run it through the whole house and then down the drain so the drain line doesn’t freeze. Hopefully it will get back up the next few days … As I am the first post here, maybe you can add a couple of fields that state how many vehicles and then I’d love to fill in the data on the primary one … Stay warm … Mike

Hi Mike,

Added your requested field. You can fill out just for one, or at the end if you want to you can click the link to do it again.

To view responses, you can see either a summary here: Woodgas truck survey

Or the spreadsheet here (formatting is crude) :Woodgas truck survey (Responses) - Google Drive

If someone wants access to the spreadsheet itself, let me know.

I’ll attempt to embed it below:

Interesting ChrisKY
This form downloaded for both MikeL and old, slow dial-up me.
The way you have the form then “compression” as listed you would be asking for measured cranking compression pressure right?

Actual calculated compression ratio down in the comment section, right?

Steve Unruh

Steve, correct - I’ll rephrase the questions. We are mostly interested in the static compression test, but I’ll add a note about compression ratios too.

Hey Chris,
Good stuff!
I gotta get my 0 to 60 times… Then I’ll hit the send button.
Thanks Man

Just a note on the 0-60 times, a stock 318 Dakota supposedly makes 230 HP, at a curb weight of 4500 lbs should do 0-60 in 8.35 seconds, according to this calculator.

If any of you comes close to that let me know. I think in this video Wayne gets about 9.5 seconds, on a shortcab/shortbed truck under 4,000 lbs. http://youtu.be/KYQAvgSpfYg

Chris, The compression test is actually measuring cylinder pressure. Knowing what # cylinder the readings came from would be helpful. Maybe picture with all 8 cylinders labeled in proper order, with space to type in the values.

Peter, we’re not getting very many compression test reports anyways. Its hard to convince folks how important they are even on a healthy motor.

I may just start a different thread for that one test.

Chris, the last time I checked compression on anything was when my 95 olds broke a connecting rod over 2 years ago. I will check if there is excessive backfiring into the intake or I hear it puffing into the exhaust. I don’t even know where the spark plugs are on my “new” truck … I can’t even open the hood right now. Installing nozzles in my new gasifier right now. Hearth and grate are mounted. Mike