Woodgas family up close

Hey gang, I really like to visualize a face when I am talking with them. Also it helps me remember the names.

Over the last several  years I have been fortunate enough to meet a lot of the woodgasers and hope to meet many more in the future.

If yall will, drop a photo in .

I am the one on the left

Wayne Keith

Here’s me with Mr. Moxie (on the left with the straw hat), and the other is me by one of my geodesic domes:

These are my girls and me making money for their troop.

Hey Terry,

Thanks for the pic. Fine looking family you have there.

I fill like I am taking to a person now and not just this machine in front of me.

I am sure Chris will give you some tips of putting the photos up as soon as he logs on.

I will delete my reply in a day or two so the pictures will all stay up closer to the top of the page

Thanks again Terry and Robin,


Robin, I sent you a note about the pics. Wayne, no need to delete your comments, the more the merrier.

Here’s me working on an old Ford, and at the wheel of Wayne’s V10. SWEM (Smile With Every Mile):

Mike LaRosa to the left.

He sent this photo to post. I visited his place in the fall of 2007

Thanks Mikie

Here is a picture of my wife Ronda ,myself and my seven children.
The second pic we are about ready to leave fof Mackinac Bridge

Hey Ron,

Thanks for putting the pictures up. Great looking family and red truck!!!
Looking forward to seeing you again this spring.

Hey WayneK.
OK if you insist. I am about the most camera shy guy around. Only a few photos of me ever bled through on the Victory site in all of these years due to the determination to expose my “Wilson” image (in shop joke). Please no one try and crop out one of those (Chris & Chris!!) - those photos do not belong to me.
Go here for a proper authorized close up of me on my first time operating a gasifier. A friends GEK I.
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I am the one in the black hat and green raincoat.

Steve Unruh

Thanks Steve

Nice looking gasifier to.

Here’s a photo of me and my son a couple of years ago cutting hay. I have a full beard now but this willI have to do for now. I apparently spend as much time around a camera as Steve U.

Hey Steve, I’m surprised you didn’t EMP the computer that the digital picture was stored on. You have a face! Love the army surplus rainwear practically lived in mine the whole time I lived on the wet coast…

Hey Guys
WayneK I’ve been nudging friend MarcusB to take up JimM’s offer for an upgrade to at least GEKIII level. He’s onto using Waste Motor Oil in his 700 pound single cylinder diesel gen. In his slow growth semi-arid climate I think he is conserving his wood for home heating and cooking now.

Yep Mr Franklin they do always get you eventually in the end, eh? Pay back to my wife is one of her in her whirlpool tub bubblebathing.

No need, no EMP DavidB. Picture resides on friend MarcusB’s home system servers. He and his family live on a 320 acre offgrid homestead and he is a working DOCTER of Radiology. Very tech savvy to have a wireless system set up for diagnostic picture consultations from his home. Plus on the Forum it is put up on I have full editing and thread/deletion capability.
Yep live in that rain coat normally 6 months of the year. Been 9 months the last two years. Six years now still wearing the same coat. Is a Helly Hanson. Dutch Harbor makes similar (my current rain pants). Out of their light weight packable lines. Absolutely tear proof - very good in PNW underbrush. Very quiet with no game scaring swish-swish or white flashing undersides. Fair high temperature woodstove/gasifier/campfire contact resistance. DO NOT try any of this with Frogg Togs or GoreTek laminates!!

Squish, squish Regards
Washington State Steve Unruh

Hey Y’all

Thought I would show ya my ol mug. I’m sure y’all will be hearing a lot more of me…so now you can put my hillbilly face to the name.
Wayne, you ain’t the only one with a straw hat and a donkey…LOL! Well I know he’s a mule, but I got a donkey just like yours too! We call her Little foot.
That’s old Dan in the pic. I’ve had him for 26 years now. Actually Wayne, we got a lot in common, I wear overalls, got a sawmill I built a few years back, did farm hay (got too lazy now) have a fine Jersey cow I milk every day, and love anything that has to do with wood…heat with it, cook with it, saw it, and build with it including the cabin in the pic. every piece cut by hand or on the mill. So it only seems natural that I should be driving with it too!!!


Beautiful picture…of the cabin!!! Nice work. I had the pleasure of spending a little time in Wayne’s beautiful home that he’d built from the logs and boards he’d cut on his property.

Look forward to seeing more of your progress.


Hello Kelly,
Yes I know who I’m talking with now.

Great looking cabin.


Here’s one for Ya Wayne!!!
She was 1 day old…3 years later and she ain’t much bigger…lol

Hello Kelly ,

I have a couple of those that are 3 and 4 years old now I would give to a good home . Second thought , any home !!

Anybody that wants them can have’m


I had a visit today from Gary Graham of New York. He helped me feed cattle , seems like anybody that comes by I will put them to work.

Put me to work ? Before I could get out of the truck, you had already jumped up there and flipped the hay off the back !
It was hard to believe after seeing you load the bale with a tractor - but you did it ! Thanks again for the hospitality and my first 20 miles on wood gas. It was a great day to remember. Looking forward to updates on the new build.