Woodgas Fuel Characteristics Inside an Internal Combustion Piston Engine

then they can trade and that buys them another year. :rofl:

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Bonus if you get anything over 30 years, no inspections ever again. Just keep up insurance and yearly tag tax.


Or if you live in Washington State USA, and some other States no inspections at all.


I am pretty sure the guy in the truck videos is from Argos Indiana .

He probably is not aware that we have a wood gas get together in his home town .


Well thanks guys. Now l cant get this out of my head :smile:

Cody, 5 grand??? For cheapskates like us? I dont think l spent that much for woodgas related stuff so far, wehicles included :smile:

I think with help from you guys over the pond, we culd pull this off. If someone wuld be willing to lend us some basic tools, angle grinder, mig welder, drill, maybee plasma… not much more. Maybee a bit of roof… Tone is more equipt but me and JO are used to this kind of working conditions and lm not sure of Goran.
Then someone willing to pick up and, simplest, register the vehicle on their name, wuld be simplest.

I wuld probably choose a old Sedan. Since your authoritys arent too picky to whats been messed with the vehicle, l think if we got a whole trunk space to work on we can make a something epic. A real interstate highway traveling machine


He actually has an address in Argos. Should have asked him to show up. He could wood gas that truck and we would have the answer for all the threads for woodgas powered boats.


Another engine i wood REALLY like to see woodgas in, this one would be a great illustration of how the flame front reacts across the piston. Only downside would be if the compression ratio of 8.7/1 would show the fuel burn differently then a high compression. Skip to around 13 minutes to see it running